The first of TSX Toys’ premium silicone sex toy line, the 3 Extra Inches Extension gets a massive makeover! The material is soft, yet firm and very pliable. If you’re looking for a penis extension that’s stretchy and molds to fit your penis like a glove, this is it! The skin-to-toy fit allows users a more realistic experience than most other extensions. Designed with realistic and smooth shaft texture for added stimulation, this penis extension offers unique erotic pleasure to the wearer and their partner for hours on end!

Crafted in 100% body safe, medical grade silicone, this premium penis extension is ultra-hygienic, non-porous, and ideal for all kinds of erotic play. Want to disinfect your toy? Simply drop it in hot water with mild antibacterial soap, lay out to dry, and you’re good to go!

Total Length: 10.5 Inches
Insertable Length: 9.5Inches
Internal Shaft Length: 7.5 Inches
Thickness: 6.25 Inches around widest point
Insertable Length 7.25" Inches
Max Around 6" Inches

Platinum Silicone 3 Extra inches Extension

  • Product Code: PS11014011
  • Availability: 1000

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